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Offshore Wedding Customs in Singapore

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

As cross-cultural weddings increase in popularity in Singapore, it is growing to be common for Far eastern traditions to be blended with Western ones. This is especially true in the case of traditional Offshore weddings, which might incorporate components from the two Western and Oriental cultures.

One such traditions is the Shang Tou, a hair-combing wedding service that is traditionally performed on the bride’s big day. During this ritual, the bridegroom and his groomsmen will every single comb the bride’s mane with several strokes each. The process is thought to bring best of luck and preserve the few from malevolent spirits.

Before the Shang Tou, it is actually customary designed for the woman to bathe in water infused with pomelo leaves and change into new pyjamas and slippers. Then simply she would take it easy in front of a pair of dragon and phoenix az candles to pray on her parents’ benefits before the wedding. The bridegroom fantastic groomsmen will then pray with their ancestors by their individual homes before proceeding to the bride’s place in even statistics. Once the star of the event is all set, she will therefore serve tea to her close family. The sweet tea will usually be brewed with crimson dates, longans and that lotus seeds and can symbolise good relationships between the newlyweds’ families. During this period, the groom’s family will often present something special basket to the bride which includes his dowry, personal items for her and household and a tea set. The bride’s family group will then come back half of the presents (except to get the wine and red packet) to the groom’s side, in the hope they can maintain a superb relationship with his family after marriage.

After the Guo Da Li, it is traditional for the couple to drive into their banquet hall and become welcomed by simply guests using a champagne toast known as Yum Seng. This is the initial toast to get the couple and friends will clap and cheer all of them in unison. This also is an opportunity for the couple to adopt photos using their guests.

Another popular practice amidst modern Singaporean couples is a Ang Pao commemoration. During this habit, wedding friends will give the newlyweds profit red envelopes, which is considered to bring them fortune. This practice has become a favourite that there are over the internet references for people to reference in cases where they want to know how much to give.

Lastly, it is necessary for couples to keep in mind that whenever choosing the wedding outfit, they should not wear dark-colored or white-colored. These colours are associated with mourning in Chinese tradition and should be averted. They should as well avoid wearing any equipment built from metal because they are believed to get bad luck. The most typical metal items which are forbidden during the marriage include bands, tiaras and necklaces. Nevertheless , most couples nowadays are allowed to wear jewellery as it is deemed an essential component to their personal style. In cases where they do plan to wear these metal products, it is recommended that they are worn in moderation or perhaps not at all like a sign of value.